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Christian Online Dating

Welcome, I am Ellen Ann, the founder of Christian Chat 2 Mingle, I designed this online dating website for the sole purpose of bringing singles from all over the world to associate with others who are like-minded in faith and share the same Christian values. We all have different needs in our lives, and that is why Christian Chat 2 Mingle is not just a online dating site; it is a relationship site where singles can connect with other singles who are searching for love, friendship, fellowship, companionship, and online dating to finding your soul mate [marriage].

We offer you a safe and friendly way to connect with other religious singles with numerous ways of communication, such as blogs, forums, flirts, chats and email. Christian Chat 2 Mingle is a judgment free site, so no matter your background, the place you live, or your history, you will not be judged here. We do not have matchmakers or psychologists who decide who you should be with according to questionnaires, and color patterns of your personality. It is our belief that it's not what you know but WHO you know will lead and guide you, as you listen to his ''still small voice'' as he will direct you to what you're looking for. I offer you my full support in your search as we have thousands of religious singles just like you who are as real online as they are in person.

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